Stephanie Burchett

Stephanie is the Educational Coordinator of the preprimary program. Stephanie is a certified Montessori teacher, with a BFA degree from the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She has been teaching since 1994. Stephanie is an MCR alumni and returned to the school in 1996 to join the teaching staff. With a strong foundation in the Montessori philosophy and a love of art, Stephanie found her niche and began giving workshops at the Xavier University Montessori Teaching Training Program and The Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education. Stephanie is a published author of the Art Curriculum for the Montessori Classroom, which is a required textbook for students in the Montessori teacher program at Xavier University.

Stephanie lives in Hyde Park, with her husband Scott and has two children, Beck and Henry, whom are also MCR alumni. In her time away from MCR, she enjoys running, yoga, visiting art exhibitions, camping and hiking. She believes whole-heartedly in the Montessori philosophy and is dedicated to always serving the needs of the child first.

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