Tuition Rates & Fees 2019/20



Deposit of $500

$506/month ($5,560 annual cost)



Deposit of $700

$698/month ($7,675 annual cost)

Enrichment Reading Time


Open M-F (7:30AM-5:30PM)

Offered at an hourly rate of $12.50/hour (for any number of “drop-in” hours per week) or by signing up for one of our monthly Enrichment Plans:

Plan 1 – $720/month (if using Enrichment more than 72 hrs/month)

Plan 2 – $465/month (if using Enrichment between 41-72 hrs/month)

Plan 3 – $310/month (if using Enrichment between 25-40 hrs/month)

2.1_supply fees

Supply Fees

An annual supply fee is required for all children enrolled at MCR. This fee covers the expense of all snacks, supplies, photos, field trips, and School House Symphony.

All rates are per child. Enrichment Plans will be billed separate from Tuition. However, no deposit is required. Given that Enrichment needs may change during the course of a year, families may petition the school to change their Enrichment Contract.

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