“Lunch today was wonderful. Just another unique quality of MCR. I really enjoyed seeing all of the details and planning that go into everything MCR does. I was very impressed by well the children carried themselves. Until we started attending MCR, my only focus for my children was education. It’s been made very clear that the social aspect is just as important in the development of a child.”

Andy T.

“I wanted to express to you truly thankful we are for you and for everything you do for our children. You take on so much to make sure our kids feel safe and loved and have the best possible three years while under your roof. You make it look easy, not because it is, but because you love our children and you love your work, and that shows.”

Lauren and Jon F.

“I just wanted to let you know that **** has not missed a beat transitioning from Center Room. His teachers have commented that he is very prepared for 1st grade in a variety of topics. One of his teachers was not only surprised he knew cursive, but also that he did it so well. I reminded her that we had Center Room to thank for his cursive skills. She said, “Ah, yes, of course.” Thank you to the teachers of Center Room.”

Angela S.

“We are so grateful that we chose to keep both of our children at MCR for kindergarten. We had the choice to send our children to Mariemont Elementary which, financially, would be easier. But in the end I believe that every penny spent for kindergarten at MCR has been worth it. ….. For us, there had been no question whether we made the right decision! I know the memories, friendships and respect that were created at this school will last a lifetime!”

Kristin R.

“Her first grade teachers commented on how well prepared ***** was for 1st grade. Her years at Center Room have given her a social foundation to build on. Continue to encourage parents, grandparents, custodians to have their children attend MCR for the complete three year cycle. I would like your staff to know what a difference they make in children’s lives.”

Laura L.

“We are so happy with our choice to be a part of the MCR family. Thanks for all that you do. Knowing our child is in a safe, warm, welcoming, nurturing environment is a dream come true. We are so enjoying our time with you all.”

Jake H.

“I was just so deeply impressed to see the children have such freedom and how they look concentrated and peaceful at the same time. …. Now I’m even more excited to learn about the Montessori philosophy. It is always the children who inspire us so profoundly.”

Mayuko O.

“We want to share how impressed we were with how prepared the teachers were doing our parent/teacher conference meeting. We could not believe how thorough their evaluation of *** was. We are so grateful that we have found a school with teachers who genuinely care about his development. Thank you for what you do for him. It means everything to us.”

Kelli B.

“If I could keep both of my girls at MCR until they leave for college, that’s what we’d do. It’s a wonderful place.”

Amanda K.

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