Parent Involvement

Montessori Center Room depends heavily on parent participation. Parents can be involved in a variety of ways. All parents are required to attend two All School Membership Meetings, Parent Education nights and conferences. In addition, there are three (3) parent committees:


The Maintenance Committee manages projects inside and outside of the school building and other general maintenance needs.


The Fundraising Committee determines annual fundraising goals and plans and runs fundraising events. Fundraising dollars go towards tuition assistance for families who have demonstrated a financial need and also towards capital improvements

The Environment

The Environments Committee is dedicated to making our physical environment beautiful as well as doing more to enhance the school’s curb appeal.

Prior to each school year, parents have an opportunity to join committees and the identify ways in which they will be involved during the upcoming year. Parents are encouraged to share any special skills or interests that may benefit the children and the program.

Volunteer Opportunities

MCR is always looking for volunteers to help with all areas of our school. We look forward to utilizing the resources and talents of our parents to build a strong community where the teachers and parents work together to provide the best for our students. Call and talk to Mari Bower, Assistant Executive Director, to hear more about our volunteer opportunities!

Easy Ways to Participate

Still looking for other ways to make an impact?

People Are Talking
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