Melanie Hansbauer

Melanie was a classroom teacher at Montessori Center Room for 6 years back in the early 2000s. She has her master’s degree and bachelor’s degree both from Xavier University and both in Montessori Education. Melanie took a several year hiatus from the classroom to stay home with her three children, and during this time worked on staff at both Xavier as well as Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education as a Field Supervisor. Melanie has been back in the classroom for the past two years and is thrilled to once again be a part of MCR!

Outside of school, Melanie enjoys running, doing yoga, and eating Graeter’s mocha chip ice cream! She loves to spend time with her husband and three teenagers (all MCR alumni!) camping, mountain biking, and either playing or watching soccer.

Melanie finds such joy in working with and being with children, and believes wholeheartedly in using observational skills to “follow” the child and put the child’s needs at the forefront of the classroom environment.

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