Who Knew?

I’m hopeful that most people realize Montessori  Education is named after Maria Montessori.  Her picture hangs in each Classroom here at school.  Born in 1870, she was a woman ahead of her times in many ways – self- motivated  to further her education and become a doctor.  If you’d ever like to read some of her books, feel free to borrow a copy from my office – she wrote beautifully!  Montessori Center Room Staff strive to follow her educational philosophy as closely as possible with your children, leading them to independence and self-discovery!

I thought I’d share some things about Maria Montessori that you might NOT know:

  1. Maria Montessori became a physician first and then an educator later in life.
  2. Maria had one child, Mario, but was never married.
  3. Alexander Graham Bell opened a Montessori school in his home in Canada.
  4. Benito Mussolini was named honorary president of the Montessori Society in 1926. But over the next few years, conflict arose and Maria and her son were placed on political surveillance in Italy in 1932.  She left the country two years later.
  5. Maria Montessori received a total of six nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.
  6. Born in Italy, she died at the age of 81 and her resting place is in the Netherlands.

Let’s make sure our children know the name of the woman whose portrait hangs in their school.  Maria Montessori had a deep respect for children and devoted much of her life advocating for them, loving them and educating them!  

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